Parents of Teens

About the Program

The ECHO Program is designed to enhance the relationship skills of students who already exhibit healthy relationship patterns; and establish the core relational skills for teens who struggle in that area. The ECHO program is designed to equip youth journeying through those vulnerable adolescent years with the ability to build and sustain healthy life relationships.

What's It All About?

The High School Relationship Education Module of the TWOgether Pittsburgh initiative is created to equip high school students with information, services and skills. Students will learn some basic standards that will assist them with a present and future commitment to healthy, balanced relationships. The program will prepare them to establish, build, and maintain healthy life relationships, such as marriage, which will have a major impact on their lives. It is also designed to teach students sound life management techniques, raise their consciousness about life choices, and explore family-of-origin influences and issues as they relate to family, love and marriage.

Is It for Me?

The program will be available to high school students in the five selected partner high schools and community organizations in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

What Should I Expect?

The selected curriculum is The Dibble Fund for Marriage Education. It involves two separate components: Connections: Dating and Emotions and Connections: Relationships and Marriage. The High School Relationship Education Module will meet the Pennsylvania Department of Education Academic Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences. The program can be offered after school, weekends or in conjunction with the Family and Consumer Sciences Curriculum, during the school calendar year.

The curriculum is designed to increase communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills, with the goal of reducing substance abuse, at-risk behaviors, and teen pregnancy. This program can demonstrate an improved school climate related to interpersonal interactions, friendships, and school-family-community involvement.