Educators of Teens

ECHO "Promoting healthy, interpersonal relationships in families & marriages"

About the Program

Student Learning

The curriculum is designed to increase communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills, which may reduce substance abuse, at-risk behaviors and teen pregnancy.


This program can demonstrate an improved school climate related to interpersonal interactions, friendships, and school-family-community involvement. Students will learn some basic skills that will assist them with a present and future commitment to healthy, balanced relationships.


There is NO cost to the school. The TWOgether Pittsburgh Initiative assumes the total cost for curriculum, supplies, staff training and other related expenses. The facilitator who teaches the course will receive a monthly stipend.


The program can be offered after school, weekends or in conjunction with the Family and Consumer Sciences Curriculum, during the school calendar year. There are no interruptions to existing classroom schedules or lesson plans.

"The main objective is to be able to say I've learned something and I'm able to make some good decisions. Who should I hang out with? Who should I be a part of? Who is going to be in my corner?"

- Nancy H., Deputy Director of Programming


The Dibble Fund for Marriage Education will be utilized. It involves two separate components: Connections: Dating and Emotions and Connections: Marriage and Relationships

Has the Curriculum Been Proven Successful?

Yes! This is research based curriculum. In a summary report for the evaluation of the Connections: Dating and Emotions and Relationships and Marriage Curriculum, individuals were tracked 5 to 10 years after having graduated from high school. They experienced marked improvement in relational skills and relationship success.

Who Will Participate in This Healthy Relationship Program?

The program is open to High school students through TWOgether Pittsburgh partner schools and community organizations with teen programs.

How Can Schools Become Involved with This Program?

The TWOgether Pittsburgh Healthy Marriage Initiative must solicit local churches, schools and other agencies who believe in the social, psychological, physical and spiritual benefits of strong families and healthy relationships. According to the initiative grant, five high schools must be selected throughout the five counties of the Greater Pittsburgh area. These schools will be selected by the TWOgether Pittsburgh Program Director for High School Education in consultation with the Project Director and President of Family Guidance, Inc.

What Does the TWOgether Pittsburgh Coalition Offer Partnering Schools?

TWOgether Pittsburgh has a staff specialist who understands the unique factors of the educational environment and will offer expertise to equip the schools to execute and sustain the selected program. The coalition will provide outreach resources that can be used directly in your school. The posters, brochures and other promotional materials will promote a positive message about healthy relationships and families to school staff, students, parents and community. In addition, the coalition will be implementing a City-wide marketing and public awareness campaign that will include: a website, billboards, bus boards, radio and TV spots, and a variety other ways for the community to connect with TWOgether Pittsburgh.

If you do not feel safe in a relationship please contact:

Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh
POC: Rhonda Fleming
Hotline: 412-687-8005