Exactly What is TWOgether Pittsburgh?

TWOgether Pittsburgh is the most intensive marriage support initiative ever in the greater Pittsburgh area. It is a five-year, $8.35 million federally funded healthy marriage project to strengthen marriages and families in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Who is Involved in TWOgether Pittsburgh and How Did It Come into Existence?

TWOgether Pittsburgh was forged by a coalition of like-minded agencies who believe in the strengthening of marriages. The coalition includes Family Guidance, Inc., as the lead agency, the Center for Urban Biblical Ministry, the National Fatherhood Initiative, the Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, Smith Brothers Advertising and a team of evaluators led by Dr. Stanley Denton.

What has this Coalition done prior to this?

The Coalition was formed in 2002. In 2004 it received a federal grant that allowed the formation of The Marriage Works, the fore runner of TWOgether Pittsburgh. The Marriage Works has been operating, with great success, in Pittsburgh’s east end since that time. The Marriage Works has opened the eyes of many folks in Washington, D.C to the impact that can be made in marriages even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Exactly how will TWOgether Pittsburgh strengthen marriages?

The strength of TWOgether Pittsburgh will be its support for couples and individuals through local partners. It will help grass-roots organizations provide help to individuals, couples and families through:

  • Marriage Enrichment – For couples who are doing well but would like to have an even stronger marriage relationship
  • Couple to Couple Mentoring – Guidance for a younger couple from one who is a bit further down the path
  • Pre-marriage Preparation – Preparation for marriage while the stars are still in their eyes
  • Parenting Education – The introduction of children into a relationship increases the stress load on a couple in the best of circumstances. A good parenting team makes for a more healthy marriage. How do you keep the couple relationship a priority?
  • Step-parenting Programs – Merging two households is more difficult than most could ever realize. The couple relationship need not suffer while the new roles are playing out in the home.
  • Marriage Sustainers - At times marriage can be more difficult than other times and marital success can seem hopeless. Marriage Sustainers is designed to help couples learn to work through these difficult moments and not run from the problems. It is designed to help couples better ensure their relationship future by providing skills to give it their absolute best hope of success.
  • Teen Age High School Relationship Education – Relationships can be sabotaged long before they exist. This program is designed to help young people learn how to make good relationship decisions before marriage is even on the horizon.

Where Does the Funding Come From?

Funding for TWOgether Pittsburgh comes primarily from the Administration for Children and Families. http://www.acf.hhs.gov http://www.acf.hhs.gov/healthymarriage

Exactly What Does the TWOgether Pittsburgh Coalition Offer Partnering Organizations?

The benefits include financial and technical support, marketing and outreach elements, as well as the numerous benefits from marriage assistance in their local community. There will be a stipend that will permit the sites to hire a part-time coordinator of these marriage programs. This coordinator will work with the staff specialist at TWOgether Pittsburgh for the implementation of these marriage programs.

TWOgether Pittsburgh will have on staff six program specialists to help equip partners to become experts in these six models. The coalition will also offer resources such as bulletin inserts, posters, and other promotional materials. Additionally, a community-wide awareness and marketing element will include a website, billboards, radio and TV spots, and numerous other ways to help connect couples from the community with locations where they can get help.

Who Can Participate?

All programs of TWOgether Pittsburgh are open to anyone.

What Is the Cost?

No fee for participants.

Do I Have to Attend the Site Closest to My Home?

No. You may attend any TWOgether Pittsburgh location and receive the same high quality program.