Sustaining Marriage through Difficulties

You may feel that it is hopeless at this point or worthless to even try any more, but don’t give up yet.

If you are trying to escape the pain of a troubled marriage by getting out and/or looking for someone else, you should know that running away will not ease the pain or solve the difficulties. Getting out of a marriage relationship can be complicated and just as painful as where you might be right now.

Why not invest your energies for a few weeks more and learn the skills not only to make your marriage successful but to possibly rediscover the true love and romance for your mate. Yes, you can be soul mates if you want.

"It's helped me to realize that all the time the blame is not on who you think it's on, and helped me to take ownership for my part of it."

- Paulette & Monroe B., participants

About the Program

In the introduction to the book, The Divorce Remedy, Michele Weiner Davis lists several statements that are indicative of a troubled marriage relationship. If any of these following statements apply to you or how you presently feel, then this program is for you:

  • "I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore."
  • "We got married for all the wrong reasons."
  • "I’m not attracted to you anymore."
  • "Why can’t you admit that we just made a mistake?"
  • "My affair is not the reason our marriage isn’t working."
  • "I never really loved you in the first place."
  • "It’s time we tell the kids it’s over."

What's This All About?

Marriage Sustainers is the component of the TWOgether Pittsburgh initiative specifically designed to assist those couples who may be experiencing the normal stresses of marriage, but are having difficulty working through the stress. This module exists to provide greater opportunities for couples to learn and practice the skills that will increase the likelihood of a more happy and more healthy marital relationship.

Is It for Me?

Any couple in a marriage relationship that may be experiencing unhealthy levels of tension and stress, or who simply want to strengthen and/or build a happier, healthier relationship.

What Should I Expect?

The couples will meet in a workshop setting for approximately eight educational sessions. During these sessions couples will complete homework assignments and participate in group discussion with other couples.

The topics will range from understanding marriage expectations to an examination of various marital issues, including communication, conflict resolution, finance, intimacy and sexual concerns. Each session will provide opportunity for each marriage partner to reflect upon his or her presuppositions and those of his or her spouse as each relates to the issues encountered in marriage.

Program Formats

At TWOgether Pittsburgh we understand that you may have time constraints, so we've created different program formats to fit your needs. However, we highly recommend taking a multi-week class to benefit the most from this program.

3-Hour Intensive

You will cover a substantial portion of our relationship curriculum in a condensed format during one power packed evening of interactive learning.

6-Hour Intensive

Our full program will be rolled out and shared with you on a Saturday. Group discussions and games will provide personal insights and build your relational skills.

Weekend Intensive

You will meet with other couples on a Friday evening followed by a Saturday session. You will be asked to go on 3 "dates" to practice the skills you learned in the group sessions.


You will meet with other couples for six educational sessions comprised of skill-building activities, discussion, and reflection.


Sustaining Marriage

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