Marriage Mentoring

What's This All About?

Marriage Mentoring is designed to enhance the viability and satisfaction of marriage relationships through couple-to couple mentoring. Couples who have been married seven years or more and have experienced a healthy marriage are paired with couples who are engaged or newly married or desire to discuss issues related to one of the transition phases of the marriage relationship.

What Should I Expect?

Marriage Mentoring is a fun, non-threatening program that allows people to improve their relationships in a relaxed, natural atmosphere. The curriculum features two Celebration of Marriage events; one to kickoff the program and a final date wrap -up that brings it all together and encourages a community commitment to ongoing relationship building. Between these events, mentor/mentee couples have four additional double dates during which they get to know one another with positive conversations, guided by the Great Dates curriculum. Topics of conversation include Making Marriage a High Priority, Communication, Problem Solving, Becoming an Encourager, Matching Strengths with Roles and Building Intimacy in Your Marriage. Each session will provide opportunities for both couples to share and learn from one another.

"We learned so much from our mentoring couple at TWOgether Pittsburgh. They were able to offer us solutions to our problems from their personal experience."

- Sean & Christina W., participants

Is It for Me?

As a Mentor Couple

Some people doubt they have anything useful to offer another couple to help them grow a healthy marriage. They question whether they can be successful mentors. Couples often find that by becoming a mentor couple, their own marriage is enriched as well by what they give to others. As you consider whether you have what it takes to be an effective mentor, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you enjoy your marriage?
  • Do you look forward to meeting and being with other couples?
  • Are you committed to your marriage and do you believe in its rewards?
  • Are there things you have learned from other couples about marriage?
  • Are there things you have learned from your spouse over the course of your marriage?
  • Have you and your spouse successfully weathered some marital challenges?

Sometimes couples are best aided in relationship. This module is set up to allow a couple who are newly married or have identified an area of need in their relationship to work with another couple who have been married longer to help them to apply "learnings" in real life situations. Mentee couples will be matched with a more mature mentor couple who will meet regularly for six months to talk about various marriage related issues.

Seeking a Mentor Couple

When you learn to drive a car, you get an instructor. When you plan a vacation, you get a travel agent to help you know what is available. You may get a map drawn by someone who knows the route, or book the reservations with professionals to get you there. When you pursue a career, you get training from experts. You earn a degree and have teachers to educate you. When you get married, you get a minister to perform the ceremony...but who helps you build the marriage?

Falling in love seems so easy. Building a solid marriage that will last a lifetime is a more involved task. Why not seek out a mentor couple to share their love and experiences with you? They have helpful stories to share from lessons they have learned. They have roadmaps of experiences to help you with to find your way in dealing with communication, couple friendship & dating, finances, in-laws, solutions to problems, recreation, intimacy, and healthy marriage habits.

Program Formats

At TWOgether Pittsburgh we understand that you may have time constraints, so we've created different program formats to fit your needs. However, we highly recommend taking a multi-week class to benefit the most from this program.

3-Hour Intensive

You will cover a substantial portion of our relationship curriculum in a condensed format during one power packed evening of interactive learning.

6-Hour Intensive

Our full program will be rolled out and shared with you on a Saturday. Group discussions and games will provide personal insights and build your relational skills.

Weekend Intensive

You will meet with other couples on a Friday evening followed by a Saturday session. You will be asked to go on 3 "dates" to practice the skills you learned in the group sessions.


You will meet with other couples for six educational sessions comprised of skill-building activities, discussion, and reflection.


Marriage Mentoring

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