Marriage Enrichment for Parents

Would you like to be a part of an effective parenting team?

Do you want to improve your communication as a couple? Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce the number of times that your kids get you "stuck?" Don’t you want to show your kids a model of a stable, loving marriage?

This is the program for you. We realize that people are in different phases of life – so we have programs geared to both couples and parents.

About the Program

The marriage is the central relationship in the home. Unfortunately, your children don’t seem to know this. They want your attention and they want it now! The next thing you know, you fall into bed exhausted and have not had time to connect as a husband and wife. The reality is that you don’t have to choose between your child and your spouse.

The parenting component of TWOgether Pittsburgh is designed to give you some time to connect with other married parents in your area and develop some specific plans for maintaining your marriage in the midst of the challenges of raising the next generation. This fun and informative course will give you some helpful tools for enjoying a healthy family and marriage.

"There's nothing negative that can come out of it. Everything has been useful and productive."

- Sean & Christina W., participants

What's This All About

The parenting component of the TWOgether Pittsburgh initiative provides support to married parents who are looking for some additional ways to approach the task of parenting as a team.

Is It for Me?

This program is tailored for married parents who desire to grow in their unity as parents. TWOgether Pittsburgh promotes the concept of team parenting as a way to effectively promote healthy marriages and families.

What Should I Expect?

This is a couple focused module which will emphasize parents working together in the parenting process. These modules can be delivered as a weekend intensive or a five-week series that promotes more in-depth exploration of the issues.

Topics range from maintaining self-care to discipline. Couples will be guided through ways of approaching sensitive issues and topics of potential conflict, as well as practicing praise and building self-worth in children. Couples will leave with the tools to function as an effective team to build a healthy family.

Program Formats

At TWOgether Pittsburgh we understand that you may have time constraints, so we've created different program formats to fit your needs. However, we highly recommend taking a multi-week class to benefit the most from this program.

3-Hour Intensive

You will cover a substantial portion of our relationship curriculum in a condensed format during one power packed evening of interactive learning.

6-Hour Intensive

Our full program will be rolled out and shared with you on a Saturday. Group discussions and games will provide personal insights and build your relational skills.

Weekend Intensive

You will meet with other couples on a Friday evening followed by a Saturday session. You will be asked to go on 3 "dates" to practice the skills you learned in the group sessions.


You will meet with other couples for six educational sessions comprised of skill-building activities, discussion, and reflection.


Marriage Enrichment for Parents

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