"TWOgether Pittsburgh helped us realize that we are not the only couple with relationship problems. It was wonderful to discuss solutions to our problems with other couples."

- Michael & Janelle F., participants


Marriage Preparation for Couples

No matter how wonderful you think your relationship with your spouse is, there will be times that “fanning the flame” will be needed to reenergize the most important commitment you can make in your life.

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Marriage Enrichment for Couples

So, maybe you have a relatively healthy relationship, or maybe you feel your marriage is a bit stagnant – but you want to enrich or enhance your relationship, because you recognize it is the most important facet of your life.

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Marriage Enrichment for Parents

Marriage alone presents its fair share of challenges and it can get even tougher when children are added to the equation. It’s important that couples not allow the joy of parenting to quench the flame of their couple relationship.

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Marriage Enrichment for Step Parents

Blended families don’t always blend as well as they did on the “Brady Bunch.” With blended families forming at a higher rate than traditional families and the potential for divorce being exponentially higher in stepfamily situations; its important blended families go the extra-mile to secure their bond.

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Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring is designed to enhance the viability and satisfaction of marriage relationships through couple-to-couple mentoring.

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Sustaining Marriage Thru Difficulties

You may feel that it is hopeless at this point or worthless to even try any more, but don’t give up yet. If you are trying to escape the pain of a troubled marriage by getting out and/or looking for someone else, you should know that running away will not ease the pain or solve the difficulties.

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