Shane Austin

"You got married for a reason, chances are you were in love, and you love the person sitting across from you now."

- Shane Austin

Program Manager

Shane Austin is a Program Manager for TWOgether Pittsburgh. He designed and directs the Marriage Sustainers program, a component of TWOgether Pittsburgh that is designed to provide married couples with the skills that will help enable them to get through the difficult areas and times that all relationships encounter at some point or another. Marriage Sustainers helps couples work their way through marital difficulties by focusing on the necessary relational skills that strengthen relationships and helps them to re-engage with the positive reasons that brought them together in the first place. The ultimate goal of the Marriage Sustainers program is to increase marital satisfaction levels and reduce the incidence of divorce through marriage education and relational skill development.

Shane has a wide background that includes training in marriage and family dynamics. He is also a minister and an educator and on the Faculty of the University of Pittsburgh. He is married, has five grown children and four grandchildren. He was educated at The Lincoln University of PA, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and the University of Pittsburgh.