Nancy Hornsby

"The main objective is to be able to say I've learned something and I'm able to make some good decisions. Who should I hand out with? Who should I be a part of? Who is going to be in my corner?."

- Nancy Hornsby

Program Manager

Nancy Hornsby is a Program Manager for TWOgether Pittsburgh. Nancy is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Point Park University and a Master's Degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Most of her professional career entails working with students and families in school districts, churches and communities. Her employment has included; educational and business consulting, working in after school programs, and presenter/lecturer for various school districts, community organizations and the armed forces.

In addition, Nancy has honorably served in the United States Air Force Reserves since 1986 including being deployed for active duty on two separate engagements. She is a Commissioned Officer in charge of two units.

Nancy comes from a large, close-knit family, where she is the sixth of seven siblings. She states her values, belief system and worldview was shaped by the love and solid foundation of her parents. Leisurely, she enjoys traveling, shopping, singing and having fun at family gatherings. Nancy is excited to be involved with the TWOgether Pittsburgh Project delivering researched-based education that presents life changing experiences and leading the way in producing healthy relationships for teens, single adults and married couples.